Thursday, June 16, 2011

Other Questions ...

Is Astrology Empowering?

Can Astrology Change my life?

Can Astrology Help My Relationship?

These and more I will be answering in the coming posts...

Monday, May 9, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Part 3 of 12...Fire Sign- Aries Moon

Now, let's look at the first group of Moon Signs:
The Moon's Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries

(The writer of this post has 70% of his moon in Aries (Fire), 30% is in Pisces (Water sign) -- it's "on the cusp")

PART 3 - Aries Moon

(3) Aries Moon
Determined Bulldog
Quick Description: "Very Driven & A Champion"

This moon is going to give someone a lot of intensity ... like a focused laser beam. But what's different from this moon and the other fire-sign moons, is the Aries Moon must have purpose. They must have something that they think is worth their time in order for their energy to be activated. This is a good moon sign for someone to have the drive to own their own business and see it through to making it a success. There is an innate need to make progress on their goals each and every day. If someone has this moon, they will be relentless towards whatever they have in mind -- perfect for making the most of business opportunities, bit by bit. This person will have a lot of energy behind whatever they are doing in life. If you look at them in the eyes, there will be a passion being projected onto your own... fiery energy pressing forward into the faces of whoever surround them.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Part 2 of 12...Fire Sign- Leo Moon

Now, let's look at the first group of Moon Signs:
The Moon's Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries

(The writer of this post has 70% of his moon in Aries (Fire), 30% is in Pisces (Water sign) -- it's "on the cusp")

PART 2 - Leo Moon
(2) Leo Moon
Proud, Playful Peacock
Quick Description: "Must Feel Dignified & Playful"

Well, here is an interesting bird. In this case, the owner of a Leo Moon has an innate need that everything they do be a source of pride for themselves. They have very sensitive egos. If anyone even barely suggest, even jokingly, that they are anything but upstanding awesome people, they will feel a tinge of anger or resentment toward that person. They can be deeply hurt this way. But ironically, they have a very playful side to them, just don't playfully insult them very often, if ever. They are very loyal. This Moon's Firey Energy makes this moon sign very energetic, and they won't usually be that far away from "doing" something, that they can be proud of, or having an actively-fun time.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Part 1 of 12...Fire Sign- Sagittarius Moon

Now, let's look at the first group of Moon Signs:
The Moon's Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries
(The writer of this post has 70% of his moon in Aries (Fire), 30% is in Pisces (Water sign) -- it's "on the cusp")

PART 1 - Sagittarius Moon

Today we're are going to get you a quick, accurate look at...

(1) Sagittarius Moon
Fun, Philosopher Squirrel
Quick Description: "Energetic Sprints & Optimistic"

A person with this moon is just a lot of fun, no matter what his sun sign is. (S)he will always seek the fun & the interesting (philosophically). And if there is no fun to be had, they will stop and reflect upon the morals of the moment, and learn a likely positive lesson. People with this moon will often be interested in the cosmos, and anything religious, spiritual, or magical. But when all is said and done, if "staying up late and partying" is an option, you can bet they will be one of the first ones to be there! They have lots of energy as a fire sign; they put their emotional energy into physical and mental areas.

Friday, May 6, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Introduction (12 part series)

As the Sun has 12 signs, (Sun Signs), so does the moon. When you're born, where the moon is, gives you a sign in it as well. It gives you certain emotional powers, and makes you act a certain way when you get emotional.

I'm sure you can recall people having different snap reactions when they get upset. Well this has something to do with all of that. The moon affects us quite a lot -- it's one of those underestimated things. ** It's influence is particularly important **, after all, it's the closest heavenly body to the earth. And it's pull affects the daily tides and when there's a full moon -- watch out (the police are very aware of this fact!). This goes to show you how dramatic of an impact the Moon can have.

In the next 12 posts, I'll show you how easy it is to really understand how the moon's sign can affect our personality. It is big time. The Sun sign is extremely important, because the Sun is freaking huge. Next comes the moon, because it's closest to us. Next comes the influence of the next closest planets, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. And we can get into some of that later, but get your gears set for truly understanding the Moon's signs.

In the next 3 posts, will be the Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries ... it's gonna be pretty cool to see the cartoons I've picked out, because it makes it so much easier to "picture" with a picture. AND It is so worth it to know this stuff! Everyone's emotions (The MOON) are always on, especially in this economy!

Even before those posts, you can check our your "Emotion Side" at


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get the Relationship Advantage Now! -- & About Mike

About the Founder of, Mike Stone.

Mike Stone, was married for three years. After three years, he discovered that his relationship wasn't going to improve. It was noticeably not working out or improving after a year and a half. He was young; so was she. But after this, he continued to read and study and ask the hard questions. Now he has found a way for us to have the "Relationship Advantage" and gain insight into a relationship before we invest our lives.

Mike was quoted stating:
"If I could have known my marriage wasn't going to work, we could have just been really great friends -- because she is a great girl."

After a long while, and with much research and investigation, Mike went on to found Over the past year, he has developed it into a storehouse of all self and compatibility information, in which Astrology can possibly offer, to pinpoint accuracy. He wants us to experience the best relationship possible, and now it is possible.