Saturday, May 7, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Part 1 of 12...Fire Sign- Sagittarius Moon

Now, let's look at the first group of Moon Signs:
The Moon's Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries
(The writer of this post has 70% of his moon in Aries (Fire), 30% is in Pisces (Water sign) -- it's "on the cusp")

PART 1 - Sagittarius Moon

Today we're are going to get you a quick, accurate look at...

(1) Sagittarius Moon
Fun, Philosopher Squirrel
Quick Description: "Energetic Sprints & Optimistic"

A person with this moon is just a lot of fun, no matter what his sun sign is. (S)he will always seek the fun & the interesting (philosophically). And if there is no fun to be had, they will stop and reflect upon the morals of the moment, and learn a likely positive lesson. People with this moon will often be interested in the cosmos, and anything religious, spiritual, or magical. But when all is said and done, if "staying up late and partying" is an option, you can bet they will be one of the first ones to be there! They have lots of energy as a fire sign; they put their emotional energy into physical and mental areas.

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