Monday, May 9, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Part 3 of 12...Fire Sign- Aries Moon

Now, let's look at the first group of Moon Signs:
The Moon's Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries

(The writer of this post has 70% of his moon in Aries (Fire), 30% is in Pisces (Water sign) -- it's "on the cusp")

PART 3 - Aries Moon

(3) Aries Moon
Determined Bulldog
Quick Description: "Very Driven & A Champion"

This moon is going to give someone a lot of intensity ... like a focused laser beam. But what's different from this moon and the other fire-sign moons, is the Aries Moon must have purpose. They must have something that they think is worth their time in order for their energy to be activated. This is a good moon sign for someone to have the drive to own their own business and see it through to making it a success. There is an innate need to make progress on their goals each and every day. If someone has this moon, they will be relentless towards whatever they have in mind -- perfect for making the most of business opportunities, bit by bit. This person will have a lot of energy behind whatever they are doing in life. If you look at them in the eyes, there will be a passion being projected onto your own... fiery energy pressing forward into the faces of whoever surround them.

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