Friday, May 6, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Introduction (12 part series)

As the Sun has 12 signs, (Sun Signs), so does the moon. When you're born, where the moon is, gives you a sign in it as well. It gives you certain emotional powers, and makes you act a certain way when you get emotional.

I'm sure you can recall people having different snap reactions when they get upset. Well this has something to do with all of that. The moon affects us quite a lot -- it's one of those underestimated things. ** It's influence is particularly important **, after all, it's the closest heavenly body to the earth. And it's pull affects the daily tides and when there's a full moon -- watch out (the police are very aware of this fact!). This goes to show you how dramatic of an impact the Moon can have.

In the next 12 posts, I'll show you how easy it is to really understand how the moon's sign can affect our personality. It is big time. The Sun sign is extremely important, because the Sun is freaking huge. Next comes the moon, because it's closest to us. Next comes the influence of the next closest planets, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. And we can get into some of that later, but get your gears set for truly understanding the Moon's signs.

In the next 3 posts, will be the Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries ... it's gonna be pretty cool to see the cartoons I've picked out, because it makes it so much easier to "picture" with a picture. AND It is so worth it to know this stuff! Everyone's emotions (The MOON) are always on, especially in this economy!

Even before those posts, you can check our your "Emotion Side" at


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