Sunday, May 8, 2011

12 Moon Signs - Illustrated - Part 2 of 12...Fire Sign- Leo Moon

Now, let's look at the first group of Moon Signs:
The Moon's Fire Signs... Sagittarius, Leo, & Aries

(The writer of this post has 70% of his moon in Aries (Fire), 30% is in Pisces (Water sign) -- it's "on the cusp")

PART 2 - Leo Moon
(2) Leo Moon
Proud, Playful Peacock
Quick Description: "Must Feel Dignified & Playful"

Well, here is an interesting bird. In this case, the owner of a Leo Moon has an innate need that everything they do be a source of pride for themselves. They have very sensitive egos. If anyone even barely suggest, even jokingly, that they are anything but upstanding awesome people, they will feel a tinge of anger or resentment toward that person. They can be deeply hurt this way. But ironically, they have a very playful side to them, just don't playfully insult them very often, if ever. They are very loyal. This Moon's Firey Energy makes this moon sign very energetic, and they won't usually be that far away from "doing" something, that they can be proud of, or having an actively-fun time.

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