Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What could be reasons Why Astrology needs to become mainstream?

Let's see ... what are some mainstream things? Movies, Music. They appeal to all types of personalities, and all kinds of people, and appear from within all cultures (for the most part). And now, let's think about astrology -- why should it be mainstream?

These are a list of GENERAL reasons/problems... that astrology can be a solution for...

* People don't understand each other
* People get their feelings hurt if someone acts in certain ways
* People think that everyone else is like themselves
* People are hopeless and are used to complaining that they will never understand the opposite sex
* People "hate" other people
* People think others can change, and if they don't that they are wrong

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR to all of us, is just this:

- Astrology can give us unbiased answers that shed new light on all of these things.
- We can now understand that we are all curiously complex individuals
- We can begin to discover how unique we all are, instead of "hating"

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